Together on Mt. Tamalpais

Tete a tete

How do!

Dancing in the Park

"Like millions of others I was ready for the new thinking and lifestyle the Sixties ushered in. I embraced that novel sensibility which implied that "you can do anything you want this time around." We had it all. Charismatic visionaries, wildly colorful clothes, hair (lots of it!) and incredible music you would snap your fingers to.

I helped put together New York's first Human Be-In (Central Park- Easter of 1967) and also began my career as a photojournalist around this time.
Moving to San Francisco
in August 1968 I was definitely on some kind of a mission capturing all the wonder on film.

Wasn't that a time!"

Robert Altman

Robert Altman has been professional photographer for many years- first as a photojournalist ( second chief photographer, Rolling Stone Magazine) and for several decades headed his own commercial studio in San Francisco.

He has dabbled in television production and directed "Film Fix" at Channel 20 in San Francisco. He now actively pursues digital imagery as well as photography, publishes a words and pictures column on his award winning World Wide Web site

Mr. Altman teaches Design and Authoring on the World Wide Web for The Center of Electronic Art; UC Berkeley; San Francisco State University and the Photo Metro Digital Workshop. He is a professional Web designer and paid consultant.

Additional Sixties photography by Mr. Altman

All photos ©1997 Robert Altman

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