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What is the Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration?

The Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration is more than a '60s reunion, it is a celebration of the spirit of a time. As Abbie Hoffman said, "The lesson of the sixties is that people who cared enough to do right could change history."

The celebration is a festival to celebrate the accomplishments of the 60s and to inspire a new commitment to the humane, compassionate, and democratic ideals that guided our lives at that time. In that spirit, the event will include music, speakers, vendors, and a special children's event. The entertainment will include old friends and new bands. Some participated in the Summer of Love in 1967, others carry on that tradition. All are dedicated to making this place a better world.

Who is the Council for the Summer of Love?

The Council for the Summer of Love was founded in 1967 by members of the Family Dog, the Diggers, the Oracle newspaper, the Straight Theater, and about 25 people who pitched in on an individual basis. As described in 1967, the Council was formed "to serve as a central clearing house for theatrical, musical, and artistic events, dances, concerts and happenings in the Haight-Ashbury district." The Council supported the work of Dr. David Smith in the creation of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, and of Reverend Larry Beggs who founded the Huckleberry House for Runaways. The Council also supported the Diggers' efforts to be sure everyone had enough to eat and a place to sleep. It can be argued that the Circle's events including the free concerts, happenings, and projects such as the "Haight Ashbury "Sweep-In'' served to create a positive sense of community that extended to a whole generation and became identified with "the Sixties."

The Council never went completely away. Over the years, the group has reformed to celebrate various anniversaries of the Summer of Love (1987, 1992). Many people in the present Council were part of the original Circle and new members who share the same ideals have joined as well.

Why is the Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration being held in October?

Summer in San Francisco? As Mark Twain said, "the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." October is one of the nicest times of the year in San Francisco. So, given the availability of the park, the availability of musicians and the weather, October 12 became the day.

Why is the event being held at the Beach Chalet Meadows?

Once we settled on October, we had several choices of outside venues. We narrowed it down to the Polo Fields, Crissy Field, the General Winfield Scott Parade Ground, and the Beach Chalet Meadow. Naturally, we preferred a location in Golden Gate Park. As it turned out, the Polo Fields, the obvious choice at first, would have been too expensive.

The Beach Chalet Meadow is a perfect site. It's near the ocean. Public transportation to the site is good. It has more parking than most park venues. It's a more pastoral setting. It's a little smaller than the Polo Fields. And, it's near the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden, the Bison compound, and other park attractions.

A significant advantage to the Beach Chalet Meadow is that it's orientated towards the ocean so that we can direct sound that way and it won't disturb the neighbors - a problem that often plagues the Polo Fields.

Are children welcome?

Children are an important part of the event. There will be a special children's pavilion with plenty of educational, entertaining and participatory events designed especially for kids.

What should we bring?

There will be plenty of food and drink at the event. You'll want a blanket to sit on, and a jacket for the afternoon when the sun starts to go down, but we're asking people to leave the lawn chairs and big umbrellas at home. You're welcome to bring in your own food and drink but don't bring in glass containers or large coolers.

What else should we know about the weather?

According to the TV stations, sunset should happen at around 6:37 and the temperatures will be in the 60s during the day.

Remember, it will probably be sunny in the afternoon and cool at the end of the day so you'll want to bring sunscreen and a hat, as well as something warm.

Will there be camping?

The short answer is no. Camping won't be allowed in the park or on the beach. However, we are trying to locate alternative sites for camping. We'll announce available sites if and when we find something.

How much will the event cost?

Our plan is to create an open, ungated, participatory event. We are asking for donations of $10-$20 at the door but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We are raising funds for the production from corporate and private sponsors, from advances on merchandising memorabilia, and advances on recording, film, and video rights. Any funds raised in excess of production costs will be donated to charity.

How can I help?

  • You can donate:

    Make checks out to Agape/Unity and note that it's for the Council for the Summer of Love. Send checks to:

    The Council for the Summer of Love
    520 Hampshire St.
    San Francisco, California 94110

  • You   can   volunteer !

    Send us an email and outline some areas you think you can help us with. Be sure and note any special skills you think we can use.

  • You can help us find corporate sponsors:

    Email us the company name, their phone number and important contact people. If you've already broached the subject, let us know that as well.