Grace Slick

Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane

The Grateful Dead at 710 Ashbury

The Grateful Dead at 710 Ashbury Street

Get your San Francisco Oracle!

Selling the papers on Haight Street

Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, 1967

In Buena Vista Park, San Francisco

Love Burger - $.25

Gourmet Food in the Summer of Love

"We moved into the Haight-Ashbury in 1964. We simply wanted an apartment with a view in an 'interesting' neigborhood, convenient to downtown. Who knew that within a few months our 'hood' would become a national symbol for the Sixties, that we would be privileged to be in the front row of a stage on which were played the many dramas of change taking place in our society."

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Baron Wolman lived in the Haight-Ashbury during the "summer of love." He was also Rolling Stone's first chief photographer. He was even at Woodstock, like everybody else! A collection of Baron's most memorable music and period photographs is available in his book, "Classic Rock & Other Rollers." To learn more about the book and/or order one for yourself, check with Baron at

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